About us

Ennovate is an energy conservation company that provides energy savings products and services.  We stand behind our products and services by providing funding, guarantees and up to 5 year warranties.


We are not an ESCO but similar in a lot of ways because we fund multiple energy savings projects with guaranteed savings. Some of our clients include Convenience Stores, Quick Service Restaurants, Hospitals, University Dorms, K-12 and the Hospitality industry.

We offer products and services that have a short term return on investment. Our investment provides the platform to bring these products and services to the end users with little to no upfront costs. We provide and invest in Energy Management Systems (EMS), Building Management Systems, Boiler Optimization Technology, Utility, Telecom, Waste Audits and Optimization to list a few.

Providing creative financial solutions which enables our customers to:Eighth_Street_South_GT

  • Implement cost saving energy solutions with little to no upfront cost
  • Immediately cash flow possitive with guaranteed savings
  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Bolster economic development and security
By investing in energy conservation products and services, we bridge the gap between business owners and emerging market-changing technologies and empower our clients to implement these solutions without adding to their existing budget. 
Our leadership combines Banking and Finance, Sustainable Energy, Real Estate, Marketing, Technology and Construction. This diverse and complimentary background gives us the know-how to help you achieve your goals.


Ennovate's solutions include products and services, systems and technologies that reduce energy consumption. We provide our clients with the means for the best solution to fit their goals and needs. While providing our clients with long term flexible solutions that enable them to save over the long term, which reduces annual energy cost. Additionally, these long term solutions provide security against rising energy costs, and uncertainty about future expenses.



At Ennovate, we believe by helping you implement comprehensive energy and environmental solutions will not only secure the future of your business and contribute to your bottom line, but also support your organizationís overall sustainability efforts and brand image.